I'm Jeff Couturier—a designer, developer, and illustrator based in Chicago. I also make comics, point cameras at things and travel a lot, usually while listening to punk rock. I write about those things (and others) here.

Happy 2016, and an update on travel updates

What a Year

It's now January of 2016, and I'm back in Chicago (for the time being). Last year was was amazing in so many ways.

I self-published more comics, now under the imprint of Novi-Yotta Press, printed Simian Grocery Science, and ran a big reprint of Time Sloth & Nun-Bot. I tabled at Emerald City Comic Con (my first time at that show) and had a great time, selling far more than I expected and meeting more awesome people.

I traveled to Iceland and loved it so much I nearly stayed forever. It's seven months and 5 countries later, and Iceland is still calling me back. I have a series of posts on that trip that I'll be posting soon. More on that below.

I brought my old Jeep back to life after having it tucked away in storage for several years. It may be "just a car", but as I said to a friend recently: if I had a mechanical dog, my Jeep would be it. I put four thousand miles on it in the first month I had it back and we've had a ton of kickass adventures over the last year.

Then I got rid of 90% of my belongings, moved out of my apartment and went to Europe for a few months.

2014 was a rough one, but 2015 was nothing less than fantastic for a hundred reasons. None of it would have come together without truly wonderful friends and family, not one of whom told me I was crazy for going to sell comics, going to resurrect an 18 year old Jeep Wrangler, going to wander around Iceland, or going to live out of a backpack on the other side of the planet for who-knows-how-long. And now I'm excited to dig into 2016, return to Emerald City Comic Con, go on more adventures with my Jeep/dog, make a whole lot of comics and travel to a handful of new cities.

Travel Updates

If you've been following my travel posts you know I'm rather behind. Since my last post on Dublin, I've been to the West Coast of Ireland, then Glasgow and the highlands of Scotland, then Berlin followed by two weeks in Prague, and finally Montreal, Canada. There is so much to show and tell, it's taking me longer than expected to get it together. But it's coming and I have a lot of fun photos to show you all.

I'll be rolling out new posts once a week until I'm caught up, which may be just about the time I hit the road for another trip.

I hope you've all had a fantastic New Year, and that your 2016 is so rad you have to make up new words to properly describe the awesomeness.

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